Future Projects
Vision 2014-2024 goals for Laxminagar Village Development:
  1. Water Treatment Plant Installation and Maintenance.
  2. Organic Farming Training ,Cultivation and Marketing.
  3. Banning of Liquor Selling in the village.
  4. Forming Manjeera Milk Society.
  5. Temple Renovation.
  6. Mahila Mandali Building.
  7. Forming Committees for the welfare of village.
  8. Entrance and Exit Arch's @ laxminagar village, with Tree Plantation on both sides of the main road. Later needs to cover whole village.
  9. Opening of Generic Medicine Shop in the village.
  10. Proper Usage/Uplifting facilities of the existing school for some sort of Skill Development for all ages of villagers.
  11. Grave Yard with proper facilities like compound wall, watertap, shed for last rights etc.
  12. Making use of the mud in Water Bodies during summer around village for Agricultural use.
  13. Solar Water Pumps and Houses
  14. Water Pits
  15. Recycle Pits
  16. Open defecation eradication
  17. CC Roads
  18. Proper Drainage System
  19. Laxmi Nagar Community and Meditation Hall
  20. Laxmi Nagar Sports Center
  21. RMP Hospital
  22. Library
  23. Requesting ISP for Hi-end 3-G Tower installation, to increase the Internet Bandwidth
  24. Veterinary Hospital
  25. Function Hall for Marriages, Parties etc.
  26. Establishing Farmers/Agricultural Welfare Co-operative Society, womens Co-operative Society in the lines of Mulukanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy, Taking help of NGO's and Govt like,
Note: All this will happen, if everybody feels the responsibility in a sustainable model, forever in future. Otherwise it will be Just on Paper Only. This is just a Tentative Vision and the points mentioned above will shuffle to and fro, depending on many factors like to start with the Villagers Co-operation, Need, Money, Time, Effort etc. which we can't even predict. New ideas which are feasible for execution are always welcome for the welfare of the village.