Village Festivals

We do have Festivals of different religions like HINDU,MUSLIM and Christianity. We do have National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day. We do have International Festivals like January 1st (New Year Celebrations).

While all the festivals are celebrated for victory over evil for some or other reasons,it also helps us to preserve different cultures and tradions forever, depending on individuals faith and belief system. Some National and International Festivals are celebrated across country and globe to serve the solo feelling of ONE NESS.

For the first time in India, we have devised a society level festivals which will really helps us a lot to build a strong and beautiful Nation and a peaceful world.

The following 4 Village Festivals will be conducted every year in Laxminagar Village.
  1. Village Birthday Festival - Sankranthi Time.
  2. Village Current and Water Festival - Srirama Navami Time.
  3. Green Village Festival - July 2nd Sunday.
  4. Sports and Cultural Festival - Dasera Time.
The key objective of setting the culture of village level festival celebrations is to sustain and retain the village progress forever in future by conducting the brainstorming sessions with various committees formed in the village like Laxminagar Welfare Society, Womens Milk Society, Green Village Society (Haritha Haram Committee), Temple Society and Water Plant Society etc.

Hope this message would spread across Globe, which will eventually makes us a Strong and Beautiful Nation and a Peaceful World.