Projects Summary

The most humble and sense of responsible motive behind every project is creating a "Sustainable and Impactful" development which is the pathway to the future.

The Four Pillars of Model Village Development
  1. Villagers
  2. Government (Govt)
  3. Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With the help of the above 4 Pillars, we have undertaken the following 20 projects so far in the journey of model village:
  1. Drinking Water Treatment Plant
  2. Women's Milk Society
  3. Ban on Liquor Selling
  4. Web Site
  5. Solid Waste Management Yard
  6. Liquid Waste Management (Soak Pits )
  7. Cement Roads
  8. Individual Sanitary Latrine (ISL)
  9. Laxminagar Pragati Centre
  10. Plastic Ban
  11. Farmers Club Formation
  12. Bore well Recharge units in Fields
  13. Trouble Shooting Water Problem in Fields
  14. Green Village : Haritha Haram
  15. Temple Renovation
  16. Solar Street Lights
  17. Grave Yard Construction
  18. Organic Farming
  19. Digital Village
  20. CCTV Camera Installations